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VITCON’s technology

VITCON has top experts in hardware, software and automation related fields.
Through various experiences in the fields, we are developing and supplying industrial-grade control devices.
We offer consultation and assistance in creating the optimum system and control device taking in consideration the development time / cost / maintenance / mass production efficiency.
In addition, assembly development board “MODLINK” is used so that the operation can be confirmed immediately by simply removing and attaching the link module during the development process.
Quick design and easy assembly allows our customers to apply their client’s requirements immediately which dramatically reduces time and cost.
With the VITCON IoT service, you can configure the controller and smartphone interconnecting system in just 10 minutes.

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To develop IoT products and services, “experts” who are knowledgeable in each field of hardware, software, and Internet are essential.

“IoT Development Experts” are hardware engineers, software engineers, UX designers and project managers who are responsible for creating the best solution.

VITCON selects members from this pool to form project teams to develop IoT products desired by the companies.